PrintForm Heads to Milan, the Land of Digitally Printed Fashion

PrintForm Heads to Milan, the Land of Digitally Printed Fashion

Every year the grand daddy of all digital textile conferences brings the best tech and printing to the world. This year it’s in Milan.


We’re headed to FESPA’s Digital Textile Conference 2014. It’s one of the biggest screen, digital, and textile printing associations in the world, but you knew that. We’re extra excited because our own Mark Abramson will be there to present.


Milan is the center of fashion, and FESPA is the heartbeat of printing. Merging the two brings a fashion-meets-tech-and-printing focus this year. It’s an exciting time for the printing business.


The Tech Behind Digital Textile Printing

Printing has come a really long way. Any pattern can be printed on 100-meter-long fabric rolls in a single pass. Designers can create a new look and print onto a dress, shirt, or even tile in minutes.


Changes in technology bring changes in business. Speakers at the conference will talk about growing a printing business. There will be a dedicated talk on how to approach choosing your technology.


We’re extra excited to see Michael Schmidt’s talk about his 3D-printed dress. Billions of people have seen the dress in its new home at the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC. He’s even printed on metal mesh with inkjet technologies.


The Business of Digital Textile Printing

Everyone at FESPA wants to know how digital textile can help their business. There will also be a fair amount of talk about how to better integrate printing into business operations. Several of the speakers will focus on this issue with firsthand knowledge and stories to tell.


Scott Donovan will talk specifically about “Growing Your Business with Fabric Printing.” His focus will be first on market segmentation and then positioning. How are you differentiating your business?


Ron Gilboa will talk about the growth and development within digital textile printing. His research focuses on the technical and market drivers in the business. He’ll present evidence of current market sizes and future projections.


Digital Textile Business Automation

This is a topic of great interest for everyone – especially us. You see the challenge with custom printing is one of logistics and labor. Everyone wants to allow customers to print unique designs. But how do you manage one-off and short-run printing at scale?


Enter PrintForm. Our CEO Mark Abramson will talk about his experience improving the processes at Thinfolio, his custom wallet business. He reduced labor time by 95% and he’ll be sharing how he did it.


Do You Want Know More?

Check out our next blog post to go in-depth on Mark’s talk at FESPA or contact us here.